PROPER CHRISTMAS is out to Download and Stream NOW!

Proper Christmas is a love letter to the perfectly imperfect family Christmases of the late 70s and early 80s delivered in an oddly familiar, radio-friendly, sing-a-long Christmas classic like the festive hits of yesteryear, channelling The Krackpots' childhood favourites Chas and Dave, Madness and Slade. And it is OUT NOW!

Download Links (MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD after purchasing for it to count!):

BANDCAMP - All the versions
(cheapest, easiest and most effective!)
Please download as many versions as you can - all sales get added for main chart (10 versions = 10 sales, 30 versions = 30 sales, 100 versions = 100 sales!!!) The alternative versions on Bandcamp are publicly submitted stories of Christmas past - some lovely, some bleak, some NSFW!

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Here's how to be most effective supporting Proper Christmas from 0.01am Friday 08/12 to 23.59pm Thursday 14/05:

1. Please download the Main Single and Spray Remix from iTunes/Amazon as soon as you can, to help us get up their charts for awareness, and as many versions as you can from Bandcamp. (There are lots of different mixes and Xmas stories as the versions - pick your favourite 10 for a under a fiver, 20 for a under a tenner or 40 for under 20 quid. go the whole hog and get all 100 if you feel flush!)
- Once you've clicked 'buy' you must DOWNLOAD the track for it to count as a sale.
- Please share screenshots when you've downloaded on your socials. It's really good for morale!

2. The charts company have advised us not to encourage people to stream the playlists on repeat all week 24/7 on as many devices/ platforms as possible, as asking you to do this would contravene chart regulations. When streaming in a regular fashion though:
- Don't Mute - it won't count (but you can play on low / headphones).
- Some streaming services have an adjustable Crossfade feature to fade between songs.
- Apple Music /YouTube Music offer a free month, check other streaming services for offers!

3. Please share wherever you can.
- At last, a heartwarming family friendly song you can share on your socials /Whatsapp groups/ chats.
- Please enable notifications for our posts so they don't get hidden.
- Sharing our posts, the video, plus chart and your download screenshots really helps us level the playing field with major labels.

4. Keep going!
- The battle is making sure people find out about Proper Christmas in time. Please tell as many people as you can! New people will find out about it all week and get on board

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What are you hoping to achieve?
To get The Krackpots Proper Christmas to number 1 in the chart the week before Christmas.

Because Proper Christmas is written from our own happy (and often fraught) memories spent with people close to our hearts and we hope you can feel that.

Why do you release so many versions?
Because we are competing against major label artists who spend thousands on PR companies to leverage press, radio and TV coverage for them. Being independent, it is almost impossible to get radio airplay and media coverage. So we have to find a way to level the playing field. Sales of all the various versions get counted together for the main chart at the end of the week. We don't expect you to download all of them. If you like our song, please just do what you can to support it.

What are the versions?
We put a shout out on our socials for people to share memories of family Christmases gone by. Clearly not everyone understood the remit. There are some great tales and to put it politely, others are of varying quality, but we tried to use everyone's who contributed, apart from a couple that we just couldn't.

Does streaming really make a difference?
Definitely! Even though it takes 100 Premium Account streams (or 600 free account streams) to make up the equivalent of 1 sale, without the streams the song would not chart. Streaming our carefully curated playlists all week are the most effective way to support by streaming.

I'm skint, what can I do to help?
Share share share share share share share! Thank You!

Will you make loads of money?
A Christmas top 10 single will usually sell between 35,000 and 50,000. At 50p a Download, once the sales platform's cut is taken out and all the remixers and puppet makers have been paid, no one is going to be retiring early. We do this because we love it.

Just who are the Krackpots?
The Krackpots are a mystery group with several top 10 hits and millions of streams. Their identity is a closely guarded secret, and an intriguing mystery, a bit like Banksy, or Kendo Nagasaki. There is no shady corporate consortium behind Proper Christmas. The Krackpots have funded and produced Proper Christmas themselves, completely independently of any record company or media organisation.

For more info, press/media enquiries or interview requests, please contact

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The Krackpots x