It's time for a Proper Christmas number 1!

With the news full of woe, war and divisions and following 5 long years of tenuous and increasingly unlistenable sausage roll-themed Christmas number ones, puppet band The Krackpots step up to try and give the UK what it needs: a Proper Christmas Number 1.

Proper Christmas is a love letter to the perfectly imperfect family Christmases of the late 70s and early 80s delivered in an oddly familiar, radio-friendly, sing-a-long Christmas classic like the festive hits of yesteryear, channelling The Krackpots' childhood favourites Chas and Dave, Madness and Slade.

The identity of the band behind The Krackpots, a mystery group with several top 10 hits and millions of streams, is a closely guarded secret, and an intriguing mystery, a bit like Banksy, or Kendo Nagasaki. There is no shady consortium behind Proper Christmas. The Krackpots have funded and produced Proper Christmas themselves, completely independently of any record company or media organisation.

Proper Christmas is available to Download and Stream on all platforms from 8th December 2023. It is released on Official Kulture records.

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Here's what you can do today to help support and grow this 100% DIY Independent venture:

1. Put 7th and 8th December in your calendar to check back here. All links to follow...

2. Share as much as you can on your socials and Whatsapp!




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4. Come 8th December please Download, Stream and continue to share as much as you can.

It's taken months of work and organising to finally bring you this song and video. These memories of childhood family Christmases are such a happy place for us, and we are made up to be able to share them with you.

The hardest thing to achieve with any DIY music project is getting enough people to find out about it.
Record companies spend thousands of pounds on record pluggers and PR to get TV and radio exposure, and the TV and radio usually only cover songs that have big record company backing. You can help us level the playing field. If you like Proper Christmas, please tell someone else!

Thank you!

The Krackpots x